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01 May 2020

Something unexpected has happened in the world that seriously changed everybody’s daily routine.

Bence and Orsi Kovács

The situation caused by the coronavirus has a severe impact on sport life including fencing. Training halls have closed, competitions have been postponed and fencers have very limited possibilities to prepare for the future that is not yet clear. Countries and associations are trying to deal with the situation in different ways. We saw that it would be a good initiative to create a common platform where top athletes around the world share their thoughts, feelings and methods of training.

That’s why we’ve created this blog, where we share useful and interesting content regularly, relying on the help of our world-leading fencers. We also want to speak to everyone of all weapons, coaches and supporters of the sport. You will be able to read interviews and also watch videos. We’re looking for answers on how to get started, ideas for home-based training, creative solutions, and ways to keep yourself mentally fit.
We hope you enjoy reading our blog posts.

Stay tuned, stay safe and healthy!

Bence and Orsi Kovács


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Our top athletes helps the fencing community with stories, advices, and videos to get over and carry on.
Stay tuned, and follow the latest articles regularly on our blog. We wish you good health, and perseverance.