Yu Chui Yee - Interview

25 Jun 2020

I was so released as we have more time to prepare for the Games...

Yu Chui Yee

Alison Yu Chui Yee is a wheelchair fencer from Hong Kong. She began as a swimmer but switched to fencing at the age of 17. At the 2004 Summer Paralympics, she won four gold medals in both the individual and team events of épée and foil. At the 2008 Summer Paralympics, she represented Hong Kong again, but since the team matches were canceled, she only won one gold and one silver medal in the individual events. In 2012 at the London Olympics took two more gold one individual and one team. 2016 Rio Olympics brought her two silver medals. 



PBT: What were your first feelings about postponement of the Tokyo Olympics Games?

The postponement of the Paralympics was announced at the end of March 2020, before that a lot of uncertainties, cancelling of competitions, modification of the qualification criteria, closing of the training Center etc. I was quite worry about if we are all well prepared for the Games, but when we confirmed the postponement for one year, I was so released as we have more time to prepare for the Games, and all the competitions will be resumed. It is the best option for all athletes. 




PBT: How does this affect on your preparation?

As we supposed to have the Tokyo 2020 and now we are going to have the Tokyo 2021.

It will definitely affect our training plan. Also for the quarantine, we have to stay at home without proper training for more than a month. And we still don’t know when will we start to have the competition again, so now it is quite weird to train, because we don’t know what training phrase we should have now. Besides, we should have the World Championship next year (every two years), because of the postponement of Paralympics, the World Championship has to be shifted to 2022, so we need to have a new plan for training not just for the Paralympics and also the competitions afterwards. 




PBT: What are your plans for the coming months? What did you discuss with your coach about this situation and new season?

We just resumed the training in our national training Center this week, still doing so recovery exercise since we were home for more than a month. And now we are training according to the ‘estimated’ competition schedule. And for me as I am in a quite high ranking position for the Paralympics, so I am confidence in qualifying. So we try to train a bit relax in the beginning as there ate still lots of unknown in the sport world. But we are happy to resume the training and seeing the world’s situation of COVID19 is getting better. 

PBT: What is your daily training routine in the current situation?

So now we resumed the training, I have two session per day, from Monday to Friday, including technical and also physical training in the morning or afternoon. And I am so looking forward to coming back to competitions and meeting all the fencers from the world.



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