10 questions to Ana Maria Popescu

22 Jul 2021

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Ana Maria popescu

Do you have a bucket list? If yes, which are on the top and which are not yet completed?
Of course. At the top of the list is to compete for the last time at the Olympics and know that I did everything I could to win a medal! And right after, I'm going on an endless vacation to visit Cuba until I get tired.

What is your favorite movie? Why?
 I'm not exactly a cinephile, so I always watch the movie my husband chooses. But I always enjoy watching an episode of Friends to relax.
Who is your icon and why?
I always wanted to be me, the best version of me and I work everyday to reach this goal.
Do you have superstitions? What are they?
I'm glad I don't have the superstitions because it seems to me that this consumes your energy unnecessarily.
How do you mentally prepare for an important competition?
I do a lot of relaxation and breathing exercises. And on the day of the competition, I'm emptying my mind of anything that has nothing to do with fencing.


Ana MAria Popescu

What kind of music do you listen?
You probably won't believe it, but I rarely listen to music. I like it, but I'm not a big fan. In the playlist for competitions I have for some time the same 3 songs from Godsmack.
Which other sport(s) do you like to most?
Water polo because it is part of the family, my husband being a water polo player. And I always watch handball matches and athletics competitions!
How would you describe your fencing style?
Tough question. On the pist I try to act as natural as possible. Although I always have a definite plan, most of the time I end up doing what I feel.
What motivates you the best?
Failure. Nothing motivates me more than a failed competition.

Who is/was your most difficult opponent so far and why?
Undoubtedly, Claudia Bokel. It was very hard for me to beat her and I remember she had a very uncomfortable style.


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