10 questions to Dora Goudoura

18 Feb 2021

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Dora Goudora 10 questions

Do you have a bucket list? If yes, which are on the top and which are not yet completed?

Of course I have a bucket list. In fact, I think it is very important for every person, because it helps us to have goals and aspirations, things that we have always dreamed of doing or hoping we can live in our lives. In fact this list is constantly changing, but for me there are some facts at the top of the list that never change. I want to participate to the Olympic Games and win a medal for my country. I would also like to win a medal at the European Women's Sabre Championship. In addition to the sports list, I would like to try safari and bungee jumping.

What is your favorite movie? Why?

My favorite movie is the Italian comedy "La vita e bella". The film tells the story of a father who tries to save his son from the horror of a Nazi concentration camp. I like the way the director wrote the story and the music is amazing. There are also so many important messages. This movie shows the real meaning of life. Other movies I like are "The Shawshank redemption" "Inception" and "Fight club".

Who is your icon and why?

It is not easy to answer this question. I do not need to choose a person who has been recognized as an icon by society. My personal icon is my family because it supports me in every step of the way.

Do you have superstitions? What are they? 

Before I take part in a competition I wear my lucky earrings. Sometimes superstitions can have a soothing effect, relieving anxiety about the unknown and giving to the athlete a sense of control over their lives.


How do you mentally prepare for an important competition?

To be optimally prepared mentally, the key is to have a clear goal for the competition, personal plans and preparation strategy with my coach. Also before the event I talk with my family and my friends and I listen to my favorite music.


What kind of music do you listen?

I listen to many kinds of music, but mainly pop, rock and Greek music.


Which other sport(s) do you like to most?

I really like to watch and play volleyball. I think it is a very fascinating sport. I also watch tennis, basketball and gymnastics.


How would you describe your fencing style?

Mostly "Free style" fencing. As an athlete I try to play a style of fencing that has imagination and escapes from the box of classical technique.


What motivates you the best?

My dedication to the sport and the desire to be the best is the key to continuous development. It all has to do with the challenge. I always ask myself how much better I can become.


Who is/was your most difficult opponent so far and why?

My most difficult opponent so far is my difficult daily training life and the constant effort to find ways to get better.


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