Augusto Bizzi - Interview

13 Jul 2020

The world of fencing through the camera of the FIE photographer

Augusto Bizzi

How long have you been sport photographer?

I have been a sports photographer for 34 years, since I was 20, I have followed many sports, including Champions League football, basketball and MotoGP.

Augusto Bizzi

When did you start taking fencing pictures?

I started in 2008, at the Europeans in Kiev, before the Beijing Olympics and it was love at first sight.

Augusto Bizzi


What do you like the most in fencing photography?

Difficult question, fencing is like a drug, you become addicted and you can no longer live without it, ahahaha. I like seeing young champions, like Daniele Garozzo, train, sacrifice each day and then win the Olympic gold, I like the respect for the teachers and the athletes that is a foundation of this sport. It is truly a beautiful sport.

Augusto Bizzi


Do you have favourite fencing model?

At the beginning I preferred the foil, then with time I started to love all the weapons in the same way.

Augusto Bizzi


How much do you travel? What do you like the most in travelling or you don’t like it?

I travel more or less 300 days per year, I love everything about traveling, meeting new people, finding new aspects in cities already visited. The thing I love the least is to pack your suitcase and run to the airport hours before, it seems like a waste of time.

Augusto Bizzi


What is your favourite place to travel?

I love the sea, so when we go to seaside resorts with a beautiful tropical climate I am happier obviously but also beautiful cities like Budapest, Saint Petersburg and Turin are places that I like to see every year again.

Augusto Bizzi


What was your most memorable event? Why?

The first Olympics has been the realization of a dream, but also the NBA as well as MotoGP are things that I remember with pleasure. For fencing, my first world championship was in Antalya 2009 where my dear friend Andrea Baldini won.

Augusto Bizzi


Do you take pictures of other sport(s)? If yes, which one(s)?

I follow many of the Paralympic sports as Swimming, Football Amputees, Ciclyng and Fencing of course. Paralympic sport always gives me great emotions.

Augusto Bizzi


Do you work in a team? Who are the members?

Yes we gave the group the name @bizziteam, the components are 7 including me, the others are: Eva Pavia Gomez the only woman at the moment, Simone Ferraro, Andrea Trifilee, Kilian Agath, Giovanni Aulefa and Devin Manky. Having to follow several events also of different sports at the same time, this was now necessary.

Augusto Bizzi


Do you take other type of pictures than sport? (nature,object,places etc)

I rarely do photographic services for companies especially when athletes are involved, and also some wedding services, but those only if they are friends or people of the fencing world.

Augusto Bizzi


What is your hobby besides photography?

The first is to go on vacation, I love to be on vacation wherever I am, my favorite are the ones with the family and during the Christmas holidays. My other hobby is fishing by boat. As soon as I'm home summer or winter it makes no difference I call friends and go.

Augusto Bizzi



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