Daniele Garozzo - Fitness Training

31 Aug 2020

If you don’t perform physical you can’t win doesn’t matter how good you are technically...

Daniele Garozzo

How many conditional trainings you have in a week?

At least 3 but I can have even 5, depending on the period and the time to the competitions.


Do you have a dedicated fitness trainer?

Yes, i have but she lives far from me so we train Skype. It’s very cool.


What do you like the most and what is your least favorite part in conditional training?

I like the most having a shower after the training I hate anything that makes me suffers, and everything makes me struggle when I’m training.


What are your strengths and weaknesses in this type of training?

I have a good will, I don’t give up and keep training even when I’m done.


What kind of tools do you use if any (e.g. kettle bell, power band…etc.)? 

Really everything she’s a very good trainer with a lot of fantasy


What do you do to prevent injuries?

Physiotherapist, once a week.


Have you ever had a serious injury/operation? If yes, how long did it take to get back in shape?

Yes I had one, but wasn’t my fault (pneumothorax). It took like 3 months.


What do you think about the importance of physical condition of fencers nowadays and before? Has it changed a lot? How dominant is it in fencing?

Nowadays it’s essential. If you don’t perform physical you can’t win doesn’t matter how good you are technically speaking.


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