Enrico Berré - Interview

12 Jun 2020

I used my brain and not my heart and I understood it was the only right decision!

Enrico Berré

PBT: What were your first feelings about postponement of the Tokyo Olympics Games?

First reaction was sadness ! I worked with my team for three and half long years to keep this important goal, and after few days we reached it , it was postponed for one more year! But after few days from the decision of the postponement of the Olympics, I used my brain and not my heart and I understood it was the only right decision!

PBT: How does this affect on your preparation?

It changed completely my preparation. Me and my staff (coach, physical trainer, nutritionist) plan the season with different goals! Right now our main target (the Olympics) is postponed, so we have to reformulate everything! 


Enrico Berré

PBT: What are your plans for the coming months? what you discuss with your coach about the situation and the new season?

First of all, we are waiting for the final decision of the FIE! When we finally understood the ending of this season, we could replan everything. So my coach and my phisical trainer gave to me some Exercises I can practice at home but  everything with a “different mind”. We don’t want to be stressed too early. So right now we are just keeping my body healthy, waiting for September to restart to push it! 

PBT: What is your daily training routine in this situation?

I woke up around 9:00 in the morning. Breakfast and some exercises of stretching or mobility or postural. Then lunch, and in the late afternoon I make my physical training for a couple of hours. I try to have training every day because help me to stay healthy and because it helps me to be busy at the same time.


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