Kelly and Courtney Hurley - Interview

25 May 2020

We felt very sad and upset, but also very lost

Kelly and Courtney Hurley

The HurleyGurrls (Kelley & Courtney Hurley) are Texas-based Olympic athletes from San Antonio and currently training for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in Houston with the National Coach, Andrey Geva at Alliance Fencing Academy.  Their Bronze medal in fencing at the 2012 London Olympics cemented their dominance in the sport. Over the past 15 years, the HurleyGurrls have dominated both the U.S. and international fencing scenes — collecting national, collegiate, and international titles along the way.

PBT: What were your first feelings about postponement of the Tokyo Olympics Games?

The day USOC officially announced the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Games, both Courtney and myself felt many emotions. We felt very sad and upset, but also very lost. Even though we knew it was the right decision (for the safety of the athletes and workers and spectators etc), and knew the postponement was inevitable, it was quite disheartening. Suddenly this whole crisis became very real to us. 

PBT: What are your plans for the coming months? What did you discuss with your coach about this situation and new season?

In 2019 I had told myself, "OK one more year, I can do this, you've got this". I was in the process of training as hard as I could and giving it my all. I saw the light as the end of the tunnel and knew I could make it. Now I am having to tell myself this once again. I have had to put my life on hold yet again.

Both of us feel like we are wandering around in limbo. Our purpose has been stripped away. We know we should train, but it's very difficult to find motivation when there are no competitions in the near or distant future. I had many plans for immediately after the finish of Tokyo 2020 and now I have to change everything. 

PBT: What is your daily training routine in the current situation?

The fencing gyms have had to close, and many people are forced to workout alone inside or in their yards. Our coach Andrey Geva has helped us get through this by motivating us to workout together with him outside. Fortunately the weather has been beautiful and we are still able to go outside to workout. We workout every morning on the neighborhood track for several hours with each other and our teammate Anna Van Brummen, and our coach. We see the sun and feel the wind and smell the flowers. It has reminded me how beautiful nature is and always was, but before I never had much time to notice.

Our plans for the coming months are to stay positive and stay in shape, and most importantly to stay healthy. We don't want to lose everything we've gained in the last 4 years. 

-Kelley & Courtney


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