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10 Sep 2020

When I do the conditional training, I used different equipment to enhance my training.


How many conditional trainings you have in a week? 

From early May 2020, we resume the training at the Sport Institute, so we have been coming back into the ‘normal’ training for 2 months, and I have my conditional training 3 times a week.  


Do you have a dedicated fitness trainer? 

Yes, I have a very good fitness trainer with me for more that 10 years! We have been working together for London 2012 and Rio 2016. 


What do you like the most and what is your least favorite part in conditional training? 

Well, my favorite/ hate part of conditional training is always the cardio. Usually I do cycling for cardio training. It is so exhausting especially when we did the HIIT (fastest split for 4 second in every 20 second). You knew that it is good to my cardio, but everything I just want to escape this part! But after that your heart is pumping like nearly coming out form my body, I always have the satisfaction when I sweat so much. 


Yu Chui Yee


What are your strengths and weaknesses in this type of training? 

Being a Wheelchair fencers, I have some limitation for cardio training, I seldom do running because I need to equip with a running prosthesis, so I have less choices. But my mental toughness is definitely my strength towards the training. 


What kind of tools do you use if any (e.g. kettle bell, power band…etc.)? 

When I do the conditional training, I used different equipment to enhance my training, e.g Bench press for upper body, power band for the lower body, and kettle bell for the back and core training. 


What do you do to prevent injuries? 

It is my habit to spend time specially for stretching. Stretching is so important to prevent injuries. Also I do swimming sometimes as a cross training. 


Yu Chui Yee


Have you ever had a serious injury/operation? 

If yes, how long did it take to get back in shape? I had a serious “tennis elbow’ problem in 2008. I need to do the treatment everyday and even need to stop training because of the pain. So I took time for recovering and also doing some muscle training in order to protect my elbow. And after that I fully recovered and still keep on the muscle training. And now I am so good with my elbow. 


What do you think about the importance of physical condition of fencers nowadays and before? 

Has it changed a lot? How dominant is it in fencing? As people describe fencing as ‘physically chess’. It is not just a mind game it also a competition of physical strength . So I do think physical condition is so important in fencing. But it doesn’t mean that u have to grow so big and so muscular, the strength is about the agility and coordination of body. The speed and power of fencing combating with technical skills creat the beauty of fencing nowadays.


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