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22 Sep 2020

I like the most when the training is finished...

Yuval Freilich Fitness

How many conditional trainings you have in a week?

I have 6 conditional trainings a week, each one strengthening different fitness elements. 


Do you have a dedicated fitness trainer?

I have a very dedicated fitness trainer that is always developing new ideas and trying to be creative so that the training can be varied and exciting. 

What do you like the most and what is your least favorite part in conditional training?

I like the most when the training is finished, but during the training I enjoy the element of decision making when I am very tired and have a high heart rate, that is most similar to fencing, it forces me to really concentrate and it combines lots of different physical and mental elements. 


What are your strengths and weaknesses in this type of training?

I least enjoy aerobic workouts, like running or riding the bike, because it is very long and can get pretty boring, but as athletes it is important to keep up general and aerobic fitness. 


What kind of tools do you use, if any?

I use mostly free weights and a barbell, and depending on what I want to achieve in the session I decide how much weight to put on. For a more explosive training I will put less weight, for general strength I will put more. In every training I add an element of fencing foot work. Resistance bands are very good for footwork and working in leg strength in specific fencing fitness, and we use those in between using the heavier weights. 




What do you do to prevent injuries?

To prevent injuries I make sure to do physiotherapy every week, and at the end of every training I have a special set of strengthening exercises that help with stability and core strength, which helps prevent injuries. 


Have you ever had a serious injury/ operation? If yes, how long did it take to get back in shape?

I have never really had a very serious injury. I once tore my quadriceps and it took me 2 months of hard work to get back to shape. 


What do you think about the importance of physical condition of fencers nowadays and before? Has it changed a lot? How dominant is it in fencing?

Physical condition is very important in fencing, and it is important to be able to do an action as fast and powerfully as possible, but because fencing has so many other elements apart from the physical aspect, it’s more important to combine physical conditioning with specific fencing training so that one element is not disconnected from another.


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